Reply To: Painful betrayal -boyfriend's double life



Dear Resilient85,

I could have wrote this post myself. I also spent 8 years with my fiancee, he lived with me years 6 and 7 and he moved out for the last year of our relationship he had a traveling job which took him to many cities. Well, I found out 2 days before this Thanksgiving that he had married another woman , possibly even before he had moved out a year ago. He had been visiting me once a month this whole past year, we were engaged and he text and called me every day, he had even told me a few days before I found out that he was moving back and had gotten a job here. Once the truth came out to myself and his wife he cut me completely out if his life, like we never existed. But not before saying cruel things to me for ecposing his lies. I am devastated over all that has happened. I can’t believe this is my life.

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