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Characteristics of my sp
1. Kept pulling money out of me with no regard for how it was effecting my ability to pay my bills, care for my pet, do anything enjoyable for myself or family. Would always talk about plans on how he was paying me back next although never did. And how he was next going to come into money.
2. Never paid child support. Stated that the child support department were “blood suckers.” Trying to profit from a fatal tragedy to a family member. Borrowed and never paid back family members (even his own teenage daughter).
3. Consistent and extensive criminal history and disregard for the law. Dui, possession, not wearing a seatbelt, driving without a license, civil judgements to landlords and other civil judgements i assume were related to his business but maybe not. And he never made restitution and would never pay fines unless forced to to stay out of jail. He would then set up a payment plan and make one payment and start the process all over again. Complete disregard for the law, the courts, his responsibilities as a father, and the people he wronged.
4. Was irresponsible, careless, and never followed through on promises. Literally would tell me he would be right back and would always fail to come back. He could not understand what was wrong with this.
5. Physically was strong and sexual. Despite the lies and so forth could stare at me straight in the eyes. Was tender and sexual.
6. Referred to him self as “anti-social” a “nomad”.
7. No impulse control and complete lack of planning for the future. Was a pathological gambler and pot smoker. Would go from one contract job to another. Irrational goals for how to make money. Anything but consistent and steady.
8. Charismatic and charming. Made me feel sexy. Would always say how he loved how i did this or that in bed. Told me those things in the beginning that were things he planned to use in me such as…i am so caring…i take such good care of him…i am the only person he can trust…im so giving…he wanted to marry me and share a future together…constantly told me i was pretty and sexy and smart…
9. Pathological liar. Lied about so much even when it didn’t matter. It was hard to keep track of his lies and it was like they went in a circle and were so confusing. To really have called him on any of them i would have had to be literally writing down notes.
10. Love bomb yes. Gaslighting maybe not so much. There were times he would get caught in a lie or story and id be like we talked about that you said this and so on. I questioned myself a little but really i thought he was having some memory loss due to aging lol.
11. I never met his family. He only had 1 friend who i met for 5 minutes and he looked like a criminal. He always had a reason for why i shouldn’t meet his mother or daughter. I kind of think now its cause they know of another girlfriend or would have warned me had i had met them. Will never know.

I know this all sounds so awful. How could i have done this to myself? I am educated and smart. I am good with money and a good person. This thing, the sociopath, targeted me and raped me of all my good qualities. He took everything from me. And now i am left here, a victim, trying to pick up the pieces. I am shattered and embarrassed. He was so cunning and deceptive with no conscience. He met me at just the right time for him to attack my soul…after my father passed away unexpectedly and my husband left me after 16 years of marriage.

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