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Thank you apk. Thank goodness i found this forum. He hasnt tried to contact me in two days. Its sad but i keep checking to see if he texted even though i blocked him. I dont think he believes that he could benefit from harming me. He no longer has a car since im not providing him with one. I do plan to file a case in small claims court not bc i think i will get a dollar from him but bc i want to do what i can to hold him legally responsible. He doesnt appear to have taken much offense to others who have filed civil cases against him but i am aware that he may try to contact me to talk me out of it. 2 days ago i did fear for my physical safety. When he was making me tell him what he did that was wrong. I told him some things and then said you are nit normal. He slammed the car door and went to the back seat behind me to get stuff out the back. In that moment i felt fearful. Like he wanted to hit me over the head or strangle me. He has never physically hurt me. He did have a battery charge from his exgirlfriend but explained that away by saying he was protecting his children. He has said that he has a gun but i dont know if that is true either bc he has sold anything of value that he has and it would b a probation violation and i dont think he could get one with his criminal record. Truth be told he could simply kill me with his hands if he wanted. But so far its quiet. I think maybe he fears i would contact his mother who he is living off of. He did not have anything to do with that fatal accident. Unless you consider that he is a poor parent and passed on his genes which contributed to the likelihood of the accident. He has “joked” about killing his mother. Its all so awful. You are right. I need to think of my safety.

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