Reply To: Help Please! I can´t stop thinkin about him.



Paula70 – What you posted here is exactly what I’m going through!! Ugh!! I don’t know why I yearn for a man who has abandoned me after an 8 year relationship to marry someone else and never told me!! I can’t stop thinking about him and miss him so much!! What is wrong with me?? Why can’t I see how awful he really is?? How come I’m jealous of the woman he married?? It’s as if my brain can’t let go of the image we had together during those 8 years and doesn’t want to recognize the sheer horror of what’s happened. What an addiction! As has been said before, it is as if he is living rent free in my
brain, and I won’t evict him! I know I’m better off without him. I just wish I would start feeling that way!

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