Reply To: Help Please! I can´t stop thinkin about him.



Resilient85, the way you describe your feelings is normal, and would work very well in a relationship with someone with good character who keeps his commitments, tells the truth, and cares about your well being. You are normal and right to have bonded and it’s not a feeling that you can turn off in an instant. It’s likely that you loved and you now miss the person he said he was who felt about you the way he said he felt. He lied. Jealousy is a natural response to the intrusion in a relationship that is supposed to be monogamous, and based on love and trust. It takes time to process the trauma of being lied to, abused and betrayed; and it takes time to grieve the loss you’ve experienced. It sounds like you know how you want to feel, and you will get there. There is nothing wrong with you; you can be glad that you have appropriate feelings. In my experience you will come to feel sorry for the woman he ‘married’ because she will suffer. He treats her the same as he treats anyone else. He’s been cheating on her all along.

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