Reply To: Help Please! I can´t stop thinkin about him.



you beautiful people,you strongest of survivors Iam so happy to have found you! im trying SO hard to lift myself up in anyway I can,but knowing he is out there having a blast with someone new(showering her with the same love tricks he played on me),while Im left here picking up the pieces of the heart he shattered,of the dreams he shattered…Can´t help but think “what is wrong with me?” how did I fall for this bastard? why didn´t I see what was coming?..” and so on.. It is exactly like one of you described it. It actually feels like he is living rent free in my brain and I can´t evict him!!! I know I need to take care of myself and my children that´s the ONLY thing that matters,but right now I feel Im a total mess…so I keep reminding me IT WILL GET BETTER,IN TIME.THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.I AM WORTHY OF LOVE.I admit half of the time I don´t believe in those words….so I inhale,exhale,repeat.

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