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Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress are normal reactions to having experienced an abnormal traumatic event, or having been abused. It helped me to read some things about PTSD, helped me understand my symptoms and ways to recover. I learned that the longest and most difficult recovery is from the trauma of abuse and betrayal by someone in a relationship that is supposed to be love and trust based, ie spouse, parent, teacher. This can cause worse trauma than an event such as loved ones losing their lives in a natural disaster, or the like. What makes it more difficult for us is that most people don’t understand what we’ve experienced. Until I had my spath experience, I had no idea people like that existed. So we don’t get the outpouring of sympathy and understanding we’d get if our loved one died in an accident or similar. I don’t blame people who don’t get it, I was there once, but it does make it harder to recover.
I am five years or so out, and I still have some remnants of unspecified anxiety that I didn’t have before the psychopath targeted me. But I am over anything and everything connected with him. I saw him at a funeral I attended recently and felt genuinely glad that he’s gone. Once the hypnosis that many spaths use on their targets to get us to engage with and commit to them wears off, and we come to see them for what they really are we wonder why we were ever with them. My ex psychopath targeted me at a vulnerable time in my life and used a lot of hypnotic techniques. It’s powerful and took me a long time to break free of his mind control and button pushing.

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