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Another characteristic was on my mind today as I took that mosaic method test mentioned above. The sp told me that he had wanted to shoot his dog in the past when it was time to put him to sleep bc this was to be the more humane choice than going to the vet. He then said he would have done it but his daughters would not let him. He said it would have been more humane cause the vet didnt give him the numbing shot by accident and only did the lethal injection. Notice something here reading this? I did not until today. He wouldnt have known yet it would have been more humane until after he wanted to shoot the dog “in the back of the head.” Who knows what is true but its disturbing. He later asked me if i wanted him to shoot my dog when its time which of course i said no. He referred to himself as an animal lover. And, he often referenced how much he lived and missed his dog.

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