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I was with him 12 years left him three times went back… left him last August as he couldn’t help himself was really the nastiest he could be whilst he bedded someone else in a hotel… found out kicked him out of my house he had been living in rent free… left him for 4 months it was agony I couldn’t concentrate didn’t want to go on nothing helped nothing made me feel better.. he texted for 4 months I ignored it all but broke every time I got a text my daughters picked me up… I went back last Christmas he bought me an engagement ring was his old charming self and we lived happily for 3 months then … nasty came out I slept in car in drive it was safer then going inside. I had three bad black eyes from march til now then after him calling me names for no reason blaming me for everything not speaking violence threats I found him texting some women sexually explicit texts … he made me give up my job had no money nowhere to go but the community knew him so I was helped an in a house he has found and he tries to intimidate but am free from violence nasty comments I cry I look at my phone I want what he offered me I know now that’s a sham… let’s talk I don’t know how to contact you.. we will be better together… loads of love

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