Reply To: His new victim has just contacted me via Facebook



Omg I could have written this post,my ex’s new supply isn’t contacting but her friends are creeping and friend requesting. He also told people I was unfaithful and have three guys herpes, I have been std tested 5 times in three years because of his infidelities and so far… Negative. I do not have any symptoms of heroes and he is the one probably spreading it, and I think he tried infecting me,but no luck for his attempts. Unfortunately I was having abdominal and cervical issues and last year my lap smear revealed HPV and in March I had a hysterectomy to remove cancer. In June he was arrested …three felonies in August our divorce was final, in september, arrested again. He’s facing a lot of prison time and is also facing domestic violence charges which have been delayed due to his recent arrests and jail time.

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