Reply To: His new victim has just contacted me via Facebook



Cloud79, I just want to applaud you for what you did for this other woman = tell her the truth & for talking to her. So many past victims don’t want to get involved but I for one believe that it is vitally important to talk with any future victims that contact us. Before she called you she was trying to piece all the craziness & drama together that this evil man is creating in her life now. You confirmed to her that he is a liar & can harm her health. This is powerful Cloud79!!

Just be vigilant these coming months just incase the sociopath decides to mess with your home or car. If you see something strange write it down with the date & time. Keep track of everything. Most importantly follow your gut & call the police if some thing seems off.

You have saved this woman Cloud79. POWERFUL!! Bravo to you!!💜

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