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Resilient85, the way you are feeling is sadly normal when leaving a sociopath. When a person has a normal breakup the body release high levels of cortisol & adrenaline. Which results in anxiety, sleep issues, eating issues, racing mind etc.

With a relationship with a sociopath the body releases constant cortisol & adrenaline daily.Then with the break up more cortisol & adrenaline are released. It’s over whelming to have this happen.

For me, I could not even sit still long. My anxiety level was thru the roof during my marriage (to a sociopath) but after I escaped it felt like 1000 times more anxiety was running in my body. My brain was not functioning well. Like you, my mind was constantly racing and would get stuck in gear and I could not stop. Scary. And overwhelming to feel this way. I remember my counselor telling me to “just think about what happened in your abusive marriage for 20 mins a day, then stop thinking about it” ya, ya, ya clearly she did not understand what was going on in my body.

Our adrenal glands regulate our blood pressure, blood sugar, cortisol & adrenaline levels (FLIGHT, FIGHT & FREEZE MODE!!) and over 50 hormones. They are a HUGE deal & are often over looked by most doctors & counselors as the root issue of anxiety especially after leaving a toxic relationship.

Look into “adrenal fatigue” see sites like Dr lam. com and Adrenal fatigue. org. See SYMPTOMS LIST on their site! This is what you are most likely experiencing!!

I was lucky enough to have a friend direct me to a Endocrinologist doctor who tested me for Vitamin & Mineral deficiency, Cortisol levels (see Adrenal fatigue site for info on this test), hormonal imbalance etc etc.

My test result revealed I was vitamin deficient in D & B’s (both needed for good brain function) & magnesium mineral deficient and also I had low functioning progesterone hormone (needed to calm the body & mind).

The doctor gave me two types of “Dr Wilson’s adrenal vitamins” (see Adrenal fatigue .org) and a Rx pill of progesterone hormone. Within 4 hours my anxiety & racing mind were half. Within weeks I was calm again. I also with doctors approval took Epson salt baths (magnesium) which you can find in the shampoo section of your grocery store for about $5 to $10. But ask a doctor before using especially if you are taking an Rx drugs. Google “Epson salt bath benefits”.

Get testing from a doctor. But know that your mind & body can be healed. I personally this is the missing link to healing fully from a abusive relationship.

Google Mia Lundin hormonal imbalance you tube. She has a excellent book called “Female brain gone insane” (she titled the book that to get woman’s attention but in the book she provides detail of what is going on in your body that is effecting your mine. It all can be corrected!! That is the good news!!

Hope this helps you. Take care

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