Reply To: His new victim has just contacted me via Facebook



I don’t know what women’s healthcare is like in the UK but it is only recent that they started testing for HPV during a routine pap smear over here. So unless you know for certain you were tested for HPV before, you can’t be sure he gave it to you. Even if you know he gave it to you, it’s probably too late for his newest victim to protect herself. I hear there are many many (maybe 100) strains of HPV and it is very common for anyone who has had over 8 partners in their life NOT to have contracted it at some point or other. I myself tested positive for it a few years ago. It apparently went away. I have no idea how long I had had it or where I got it. Sex in these times is very risky. I think it’s so important to really vet the person well you are going to sleep with. But I’m not sure it’s worth the potential trouble to tell his new gf.

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