Reply To: Financial abuse, charges and bad checks



Here in CO, it costs just under $50 to file the paperwork for small claims court. You will want to add that cost into your lawsuit as well as the cost of a process server. You have to make sure he is served correctly. I don’t know how much that part costs. There is also an additional cost to try and garnish his wages, bank accounts, etc. Think long and hard before you do this. If you feel you just can’t let the injustice go, by all means do it. But sometimes it’s better to just walk away and break that tie to him. You could be tied up waiting several months for your lawsuit, and he could play games trying to reschedule the case. Here in CO, if a small claims case gets continued to a later date, it ends up in trial. In that case, it would be good to have an attorney to represent you.

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