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resilient85, I guess we have to be patient with ourselves,don´t expect to recover as soon as we´d like to,this “obsession” stage is like a nightmare ! I truly felt I was doing better,but today…oh well,I´ve been looking at his posts and pics on FB and while at it I smoked half a pack of cigs already! I´m feeling at my lowest right now,tears trickling down missing him af …back to square one AGAIN!! Just hang on in there R85, WE CAN DO THIS! One day at a time. And here´s my tip: when I feel I cant go on anymore,I talk to a friend,or log in this forum,or read articles posted here and in Psychopathfree.com they got great readings there,really helpful. Hope you¨ll be feeling a little better by the time u read this.Much Love.

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