Reply To: Need help getting out of the obsession stage



resilient85, I feel you. I am having a few more good days lately, however with finals right on top of me (one tomorrow and one Thursday) I have been having a few deer in the headlights moments. I start getting the urge to check FB and try to text him (I deleted his number but I have the dang thing memorized) and that is when I stop whatever it is I was trying to do and go walk, or make a cup of tea, or watch a stupid but funny video on YouTube.

A friend of mine who specializes in grief counseling recommended making a list of simple things you normally do:
1. Wash your face
2. Brush teeth
3. Make coffee
etc. and the act of checking these simple things off your list makes you feel better. It sounds bizarre, but it seems to help.

Good luck, and I am praying for peace for all of us. Much love,

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