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Hi Traumatized41, SENDING YOU HUGE HUGS TO YOU!!! 💜

I’m so sorry that you have been manipulated & conned by an evil sociopath!! It’s heart wrenching!!

What you are feeling: “feel angry”, “want to contact his elderly mother, how cared about getting another relationship”, “embarrassed to tell anyone about the extent of financial abuse” etc are all NORMAL feelings when you finally see the truth!!
Please know this!

You will go thru all the grieving stages just like a death. It’s scary to feel these feelings. So keep venting here.

I am so glad that you now know the TRUTH!! It’s hard to accept the truth…but it will now set you in motion to heal from the nightmare you have been living.


Know this! Pat yourself on the back!!

It’s not easy to leave a sociopath! Your body is full of anxiety, you are most likely suffering from depression and have PTSD. It can be over whelming at times throughout the day. This is why it is good to vent out. Either with a counselor or just writing here at LF or in a journal.

If you dont want to vent everything here then just get a note book or journal and start venting everything. DOnt worry about spelling or grammar…just write away. It will help you heal & release your stress & relieve your mind & body.

You have been thru hell & the after math is incurably scary. So just take one minute at a time hon, and on same days maybe an hour.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. You were conned. I have read that a sociopath will have over 100 victims. SO you are not his first or his last. He knows exactly how to get what he wants just like all sociopaths know.

I too was conned from day one out of my money. I left my marriage with basically nothing after working at a high paying career while my ex h walked away with a very comfortable future and on to his next victims.

I wish you all the best. Keep reading everything here at Donna’s wonderful site especially when you are sad, crying, angry etc as it will open your mind to all that he did to you & this will help you heal.

Look at the home page here at love fraud scroll down to the YELLOW BOX & read. Also there are wonderful books including Donna’s up at the top under the “book store tab” and free videos to watch under the video tab. I must have watched those videos a 1000 times when I just left. They really did help me keep NO CONTACT with my ex when I just left him.

HUGS TO YOU!! 💜Take care.

PS DONT CONTACT HIS MOTHER!!! NEVER!! She will protect him! She has been trained by him to protect him. He has conned his family to. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM = NO CONTACT WITH THE WHOLE FAMILY!! so that you can heal.

PS 2: On Thursdays here at LF a new chapter from the book Husband, Liar Sociopath by author O.N.Ward is posted. it’s the story of the author (with changes to protect her Identity) & her marriage/divorce/child custody to a sociopath. It’s heart wrenching tail but it might just help you to see just how manipulative & cunning & evil a sociopath is, so that you can keep seeing that your ex will never change.

Keep the NO CONTACT RULE in place its the only way to have peace & calmness in your mind, heart & life. Google & look here at lovefrud for more articles on “No contact rule”.

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