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Besides the things above i have been thinking about how in the beginning at least he would allow me a few minutes of time to be together after sex but then literally half way through the nine months he was running out the door immediately after sex. One of the last times i was balling my eyes out because of it and he still just ran out the door. The person who was “so special to him that he lived that was his soulmate that was a good girl” had become a “nag” and “too emotional”. He started telling me i needed to be strong. Strong meant no expectations and giving him all the money i had. So upsetting and downright chilling to the bone. And i cant tell you how many times i tried to end it and he would pull me back in. Never again. I wish i would have ended it the first time. Even on the last day i saw him i said that my credit card went over the limit which makes it go to an outrageous percentage rate. He said it would be okay cause he was going to pay me the next day. That was over a week ago. He also told me that if i dont believe he loves me that i am stupid. Unbelievable. Nut given all of it i know i am not stupid. I know that he has no remorse. I know that many people have fallen for his scamming so i am far from alone. Thank god its over.

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