Reply To: His new victim has just contacted me via Facebook



Dear Uwfrog and Annette,
Thank you ladies for your contribution to the topic .
I have never been afraid of him because I survived emotional and physical abuse from my ex husband and that made me a very strong person .
And I could not believe that this was happening to me again (minus physical abuse). However, now I think that if I had stayed physical abuse would have been just a matter of time .
One day when we were talking via FaceTime before I went to the US to see him, he told me “when you are here , I will lock you up in a shed in the woods and no one will find you. You are gonna be mine forever ” I burst out laughing as I thought he was joking and asked if he wanted me to be his sex slave. His answer was “You think I’m joking ? Well, I’m not!”
Now, when I think about it I am almost convinced that he really wanted to do something like that, considering that his divorce was fake and he made the wife pregnant .
I know this man is very dangerous, not sure if both his ex wives and the new girlfriend realise that he is so much more than just a pathological liar . I am sure that it’s just a matter of time before he hurts someone as his actions are completely deranged and the lies seem to be getting even more outrageous.

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