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I made a huge mistake. Not unrecoverable but still showed weakness when i should have been smarter and stronger. Now back to step one. After two weeks of no contact i called the sociopath. I was feeling sad and needy after an okay date with a guy. He didnt answer and i texted to not call me back it was a mistake in judgement and it passed. So of course this opened up a whole thing about him telling me he loved me and made a mistake blah blah blah. At the same time he was telling me he may end up in jail because he used a lady’s deposit for goods on a gambling binge. I mean you would think a light would go off in my head. He also supposedly threw away thousands of dollars he could have returned to me. He wanted to see me of course im thinking to see if i would offer him the money. I didnt but had sex with him which now just makes me feel used. Now he says he leaving town on some other contract job and today i asked if he would come help me with a home repair and of course no response. He has never done anything for me except take my money. He is sooo good at charming me and making me powerless. It was a moment of weakness and i fell. Think now that he figured if he wasnt going to get money might as well get sex. He reassured me that my thinking was wrong about him using me and that he was so sorry for putting me through this. He is so awful and i am so weak.

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