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Traumatized41, it’s ok hon. DAY 1 Starts now!🌺

It’s not easy ending a relationship with a sociopath. They have messed with our minds, body & spirit so much that you have to relearn to be independent again.

We have all been where you are now. I took back my then husband a sociopath over & over. Everyday I was with him I wanted to leave but when I would leave even for a day my anxiety level would go up & I would go back to him because he would charm be back into hell. That is the cortisol & adrenaline releasing.

Exactly!! You see thru him!! He was fishing for more money…using “sociopath pity play manipulation” (google & look on LF),

The good news is you are seeing him for who he is!! This is a huge step in healing!! Keep focusing on all of his misdeeds and this will remind you of who he really is and how poorly he treated you.

Better yet, get a piece of paper out or pad of paper & start writing all the lies, manipulation & money he took from you. Write EVERYTHING down! This is a huge step in seeing the truth = he is evil & a master manipulator!

“Leaving town” more likely “I cant talk to you because I have another target vicim on the hook but I’m going to keep you on the hook also just incase this other target catches on to my con game”.

You state:

“He is sooo good at charming me and making me powerless”

The BEST way to get your power back is following the NO CONTACT RULE!

BLOCK him from your phone, email, social media etc. You dont have control over how he treats you but YOU have control over not allowing him to treat you poorly!! (no contact rule).

It works!!

He is all words & zero action. Watch his actions over his words by listing all his mis deeds!!

Remember the old saying: Actions speak louder then words!

ALL sociopath are masterful manipulators with their lying words! ALL of them! my ex too could get me from leaving him by his lying words. He could get anyone to do what he wanted with his words. Did not matter who…from me to his family to his mistresses to a police not giving him a ticket etc. His never ever followed thru with his words. Never. All lying manipulation to control me. Same with your ex.

next time you feel weak & want to talk to him. Come to Love fraud & watch the video up at the top to remind you who he is and also read everything. You can also just vent out everything you want to say to him here at love fraud. I must have watched Donna’s (Lovefraud) videos 1000 times when I first left my ex the last time. They helped. I would have tears streaming down my face while watching them but my brain learned who he was and this is what you want. You want to remove all the brain washing your ex put in your mind with the truth = love fraud videos & post.

YOU CAN DO THIS!! You are NOT weak! You survived a sociopath!! THAT IS A STRONG WOMAN!!đź’Ş

He thought he broke you…but you showed him that was not going to happen when you crawled out of his hellish world. Now you are standing with the truth hon!! POWERFUL!!

You know who he is…and you will get to a point one day that you will not even think of him one moment! It takes time to get there. but it happens!!

Pat yourself on the back for recognizing that you broke no contact & reached out for help. BRAVO!!

And DAY 1 starts now!!

Hugs to you! đź’ś

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