Reply To: Need help getting out of the obsession stage



Jaybird, I too was in an 8 year relationship. It ended by abandonment when my narcissistic sociopathic ex boyfriend got married 2 months ago and I found out about it 2 days after their wedding. But, I had no clue. I’m in pain as I miss the positive image of him that is stuck in my head. I can’t somehow see the evil he has done to me. In the thread of replies here, Sunnygal mentions the book, “The Five Step Exit” and how it talks about “thought eviction.” I purchased this book and have found lots of useful information in it. “Recovery” is the Fifth Step. I have been told recovery takes a while. But, it’s something you can actively pursue! Keep at it! Take one day at a time! I know I’m trying my damnedest to kick him out of my head! Good luck to you!

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