Reply To: Could use an ear and validation. I'm broken!



There are so many things you describe that I recognize in my own relationship, which I ended. I ended it at a point where the man I fell in love with no longer resembled the person he was in the end. The countless times I questioned myself about the lies, as you say – small lies that grew larger. The endless fights over seemingly ‘nothing’ issues, so out of left field. In the end the man who I no longer recognized had started a relationship behind my back with a woman he has now been married to for 3 weeks … all within 10 months of not being together. The marriage plans were made within 3 months of him being gone… All I can suggest after what I read and what I went through is listen to your own inner voice…trust your instincts and see the person for who he truly is. You are correct in seeing him for the person he is. Trust yourself.

It was so easy for all around us to say – leave it behind. Nothing is harder than leaving a relationship that lasted for quite some time, and going to a life that seems lonely. I certainly have not found my balance yet, its too raw still, but in the end, it is the right thing to do. Believe in yourself!

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