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Yesterday I discovered something interesting. Something that makes me think that he has been using prostitutes and possibly that’s how he acquired his STIs.
For several months I have known he has this fake Facebook profile for spying. I know that because it pops up in my friends suggestions . There is no profile picture or any other pictures for that matter but he has used 2 of his middle names (which are very distinctive)!
I checked this profile once before and it was completely empty no friends , no information etc.
Yesterday when I was waiting for my flight I checked it again and he is friends with 3 ‘porn stars’ who look like some cheap and dirty hookers . He has liked their pictures and videos.
In my opinion this only confirms his disorder and feeling of superiority .
First of all, a normal person would not use his real names when opening a fake account which they are gonna use for checking up on people and certainly would not want to be associated with prostitutes and porn industry because that can be easily discovered. There is porn on the web everywhere why would someone do it on Facebook?!
You only do things like that if you think you can get away with it and you are smarter than anybody else!

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