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I don’t know if my story can help anyone- other than myself for telling it. But my hope is that it will. Looking back, A few things stand out about the early courtship with the narc:

He came off like prince charming. Kind, warm, well spoken, well groomed, well dressed. Mr. middle class America to a tee.

He was very good in bed. He did mirror my sexual desires. I never experienced anything like that.

He dropped hints about who he really was. I ignored the hints because of my trusting nature.

He was very guarded with money- stingy. After we moved in together- it got worse.

The mask started to slip when the dial-a-porn bills came rolling in. The lies….the deception started. Then I caught him (a 35 year old man) voyeuring the teenager next door through the kitchen window. Never knew what a “voyeur” was until after I saw that.

I knew something was really wrong when he threw a hot cup of coffee in my face after we argued about the voyeuring/dial-a-porn bills. He swore up and down that he did not throw the coffee in my face. I was in disbelief at his denial- as I was standing there with coffee dripping off of my hair and clothing. I have no idea how he was able to deny that he did such a thing. That was only the beginning.

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