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This is exactly true. I just recently got hooked by a sociopathic contractor I hired to do some work. It had been 10 years since the one I dated. I thought I was impervious to them. I actually trusted this guy, and he turned out to be a pathological liar. I remember liking him right away, and I didn’t know why. And I remember telling myself that it’s a red flag that I like him, and that it makes me vulnerable. I had that much awareness. But I needed the work done and didn’t have time to vet him thoroughly for the job. Live and learn. I’m picking up the pieces now. They are not as big as the pieces I picked up from the one I dated in 2008. But a sign that I still have some healing to do because he managed to get under my skin. I am extremely grateful that he didn’t take me for that much compared to the others he scammed. And thank God I didn’t date him, although I probably would have. It is relatively easy to disconnect from him, but I do have some healing to do – it triggered some emotional pain. I take that as a bittersweet gift – the gift that the sociopaths in my life have given to me – the gift of healing. Also, I think I want to take him down, just to protect the community. The average person wouldn’t stand a chance again him – he’s very smooth. You would never know he’s a sociopath. He is very down to earth and a regular guy.

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