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I studied Criminal Justice and that’s when the light bulb started to go on. I saw the narc’s behavior in my psych classes and in my crime classification studies (sex crimes, theft, illegal drugs, domestic violence). I wasn’t sure what I was seeing at the time- but I knew it was familiar. Again, I blew it off. Blamed myself.

Even so……something in me started to realize I wasn’t crazy or stupid. I graduated suma cum laude- that took care of “feeling stupid.” The narc was not impressed with my academic achievements. In fact, he belittled them and whined that I took too much time away from him with my studies.

When I first met the narc, he was more or less a glorified paper boy. By the time I fled from him….he was holding down a high paying job with the State of Indiana as a software developer. That’s helped me get away. His crimes (felony theft, domestic violence) fell through the cracks during his background check while he was onboarding with the State. This was because he was hired through a third party contractor. He knew that if he hit me or threatened me……. he would lose his job.

He built his career on my tears and suffering- while he battered my self esteem and made sure any hopes of my career were dashed. In the end, I was totally dependent on the narc.

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