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Kathleenkelly – I feel for you. My 2,5 relationship with my sociopath ex is probably nothing compared to your long-term relationship, but it all hurts the same, we all feel deceived. I escaped my ex about 3 months ago with everyone’s help here. There was nothing I knew about him when we met that was true. I used to post long posts like yours back in September. I have been struggling to move on too. This year I have committed myself to a 30 day recovery program that I am creating. Every day I am posting a video. It takes a Long time since I am new to this but I want to develop a discipline. If you want, you can follow with me, it’s about 15min to half an hour every day. Today was Day 3 and I talk about how to cleanse your mind.
You can catch up by following the first 3 videos (including orientation) and I will post another one tomorrow.

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