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Hi there Chelle,
After I escaped the sociopath I was married a few months ago with this forum’s help, I learned to look inside me instead of trying to understand or comprehend things. My ex was full-blooded psycho and he has been harassing me since but I have gone complete no contact since my escape.
The reason I mentioned looking inside yourself is because I learned that we go out seeking love externally sometimes from the wrong people, but it is important to look inside yourself and find that self-love you can always give to yourself and have a more fulfilling life. It is only then we can attract the right people. I have come across a few guys since my escape and they all happened to be sociopaths and I am not joking! We attract the wrong people into our lives without recovery!
Here I embarked on a 30 day self-love journey and I am posting a video every day about a self- love recovery that I have committed to for the rest of the month.
You can follow me here,
Today’s exercise was about Thinking and how to get our thoughts to serve us. I am not American so I speak with an accent and relatively slow, but it shouldn’t matter, as long as you don’t laugh at me for those silly moves! Have fun and move on because if she doesn’t appreciate you, she is not the right person anyways 😉

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