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Now zero days out again. All i can say is maybe someone will learn from this not to do what i have been doing. So I took him back again. He is so loving are touches so caring it is hard to walk away. Despite him flat out begging for money and me promising never to do it again I give him a measly twenty dollars. Note its not so measly given the overall financial distress I am in as a result of giving him 28k. I told him never again to which he said I was being mean. I questioned him actually being away out of state for work. I tried and called the hotel and they said he was not a guest. He said it was under the guys name who he is working for. I asked for the last name and the response was it was my fault for not trusting him and i should have asked nicer and he would have given it to me. I defend myself and his only reply is he has the flu. Mind you that over the past few weeks i found out that money i gave him for fines he so desperately needed was never paid on the fines. I have checks from him i need to take to the bank to start legal action. Although he said jail doesnt bother him its free room and board (dear god help me). Also i found an old online dating profile in which he says he has a phd and a home here and in florida. He has no homes and no degrees. I am looking for someone to tell me he is definetely a sp and to move on and not feel guilty.

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