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Traumatized41, Day 1 starts now (round 2) 🌺

You are not the first to break the “No contact rule” and wont be the last.

It’s not easy to walk away from a sociopath! They are masterful con artist who know how to twist good peoples minds to drop their guard so that they can get what ever they are after i.e. sex, money, a place to live, your car or just for fun because they are bored in life. Did you know that on average it takes a victim of abuse 6- 9 times to finally leave their abusive partner?? But the more you educate yourself & reach out for help the more likely you will leave him sooner then later for good.

Before you call him come to love fraud and watch the videos up at the top to remind you who you are dealing with = a pure evil man.

The more you read here at love fraud, watch the videos then analysis it with your relationship you will open your mind up more to his manipulative ways and see him for who he is and then you will know that he will never ever ever ever ever change!

One step at at time. Know that he is your cult leader & you are his cult follower. The more you are conscience aware of this fact you will then realize the power you have over him is the No contact rule.

Steven Hassan a cult expert & author of Freedom of Mind (do a search here on LF to see Donna’s post regarding his book) stated in a video that can train your brain to see the cult leader as evil. He suggest that you in your mind put a picture of your ex next to someone like hitler or charles mason etc. It works. I cant even look at a picture of my ex h without see pure pure evil.

Like a pet is trained a sociopath does the same thing to their victims. They use reward & punishment techniques without us realizing it! For instant he might have trained you so that when you give your ex money you get a release of endorphins in your brain. So you feel better. Just like a dog gets excited chasing a stick.

I would also recommend that you go to your local abuse center for free counseling & free woman group meetings. The group meetings are incredible. This will help you to have one on one support so that you dont have to leave him by yourself instead you have a whole network of counselors & other abuse victims to lift you up. In the USA the number for the National domestic violence hotline 800-799-SAFE where you can talk with a free counselor and also get local abuse center numbers.

Write down everything this man has done to you!!! EVERY THING!! Then read the list (which will be endless by the way) every time you start to doubt who he is.

You are an amazing person…kind, hardworking, strong, smart and you will get thru this nightmare chapter of your life. So keep moving froward & keep reading every thing here at LF especially the home page yellow box section. Also look up Ann Mary Glenn here at lovefruad she does free group counseling sessions over the net. Her videos are EXCELLENT. No doubt she can help you open up your mind from this sociopath mind control.

HUGS TO YOU!!! 💜Sending you positive vibes!! 🌺

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