Reply To: His new victim has just contacted me via Facebook



I have just talked to this woman , the things I found out are truly scary!
I sent her screenshots of the fake profile and she told me he is on various dating websites , including one that is for people with STIs as well as BDSM ones . He was on them while we were together.
He forces this woman to have sex with him.
She was manipulated into this relationship by his mother who now does not want to have anything to do with her now. She is working 2 jobs to provide for him. He is not paying for anything, pretends he is too unwell. He kicks his elderly dog when he gets angry. He said he would like to kill bad people and he would not hesitate to kill someone.
He is ruined financially, the wife got the house , he does not care about his sons at all , just sits and plays video games.
He treats her like a slave , she has to do everything for him .
Truly shocking! He is a danger to society and I believe he will kill someone one day !

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