Reply To: Is dual personality possible?



As the sexually betrayed wife of a lying, deceptive narc- I think it’s best not to tell the wife. For starters, she may not believe you. Secondly, she will go through living hell when she finds about his affair with you. Sexual betrayal by a spouse is a painful and miserable thing to process.

She probably has some inkling that he has been unfaithful. She may be a victim of gas lighting, minimizing, blame shifting and deception tactics. These tactics diminish the self esteem, create depression/anxiety and render the spouse helpless.

There is no such thing as a “moderate sex addict.” There is no such thing as a “sex addict.” The work of Dr. Omar Minwalla is more consistent with sexually deceptive men. He calls them CASRD men: Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Disorder.

The 12-step model created by Patrick Carnes- is bunk. And it revictimizes the already victimized spouse. Sex Addiction does not exist in the DSM-5. Just personality disorders that incorporate sexual betrayal/deception.

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