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Thanks, kathleenkelly. I am particularly struck by the sentence that you don’t understand why we grieve for someone who deceives us. I do the same and it is the part that is completely not understood by those around us, who love us. These men should be loathed and yet, they can cause all this grief. How is it possible?! I guess it will just take time for this person to retreat to the back of my conscience…and for me to start trusting again. It is still strange to me that last time this year we lived in the same house, and yet he has moved on like we never existed. As where he fought me tooth and nail when I needed him to leave.

And how he must be repeating this with the new wife…I know none of it should matter to me, but I can’t help thinking about it. I also really resent the fact that men like these can just move through life using good people…because that is all he is doing. The strange thing is that he is this supposed empathetic yogi, (he has zero empathy), so ‘the world’ looks at him as this very kind, gentle man. You would never know the truth.

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