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Resilient85, Remember he is a CON ARTIST!! He is still playing a con game with you emotionally. Like donna states he is “testing the waters”. Sociopath get bored. He is now possibly bored with his wife & is fishing for someone to put more excitement into his life. He wants possibly to have his wife & a mistress(s) on the side to see if he can get away with both woman in his life.


Look into a home security system including a camera system for your home (incase he returns). If he shows up at your home while you are home DO NOT open the door instead call the police & let them make a report on this married man. Document everything. If you notice something strange in your yard or home & your gut is screaming that he has say rearranged your outdoor furniture (i.e. playing gas lighting abuse game) follow your gut & call the police!!

(Home depot & lowes US hardware stores have home security systems starting at $15 per door or window & whole systems for around $200. This is just an alarm. If you want you can also look into the cost of having a home security company monitor your home & if the alarm goes off they will then call the home and then the police.

Start re-reading everything here & watching the videos up at the top to open you mind again as to who he is = sociopath = dangerous. Re-read post on the “No contact rule”.

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