Reply To: Struggling to handle it all



I am dealing with the whole cycle. He lets me down in some way whether it is gets caught in a lie, disappears, or I just momentarily come to my senses for a minute. Then the breaking up begins. I tell him I cant trust him and he has exploited me for money. I then miss the good moments and the attraction and the daily phone calls and texts. And i ultimately break down and bring him back in only to start the whole cycle over again.It almost seems like i want to torture myself. But i dont. I think i just wish i would get my money back and that he would live and touch me and make me feel yhat special way all the time that he rarely ever did. So now here we are at the next break up crossroads where i still cant verify he is where he says he is out of town. But he dangles a carrot in front of me and says i want to come home and be with you if you will stop being mean.

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