Reply To: He left me a birthday gift at my door


Donna Andersen

Resillient85 – Distract yourself. Pick up No Contact again – many people have relapses, so you’re not alone. But pick it up again.

Then find things to do to distract yourself, especially activities that involve other people. Join an organization, take classes, get a dog and go for dog training classes, get involved in a charity – find something to take your mind off of him.

And if you’re home alone and tempted to call him – read Lovefraud. Go into the archives and read all the stories about other people’s experiences, and note how they are just like yours.

This guy is now MARRIED! And he still wants you???? So now you would be the other woman??? First of all, he is a slimeball. And secondly, you deserve far better.

Pick up No Contact again.

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