Reply To: He left me a birthday gift at my door



Sociopaths are great magicians. They trick you into thinking you are special, that they want you SO much that even after they discard you, marry someone else, or cheat with 20 other people, they STILL want you. It’s designed to make you feel special, and that’s how they hook you. Really, it’s a power play. They want to have control over you. Just like Donna said, he is testing the waters. Don’t fall for it.

I recently encountered a sociopathic contractor who was working on my rental home. Even after he scammed me, he was still trying to make me feel special. “I’ll bet none of the other contractors apologized to you. At least I apologized. I really did like you. Blah blah blah” (He scammed me out of about $800). They are ALL like this. It’s just amazing how they can play on your emotions and get you to feel like there was some sort of connection.

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