Reply To: Do psychopaths hurt intentionally or do they lack emotional ability



I did see the “narcissistic rage” when I confronted my ex/pervert/liar/cheater about his voyeuring my teenage neighbor and porn use. He became violent when I confronted him about the hundreds of dollars of 900 dial-a- whore/porn bills he was racking up. We could barely afford diapers for our toddler….and he was spending all of our money on phone whores. And…I was pregnant with nothing for the new baby.

I had him arrested for beating me with a telephone receiver (the old heavy phone receivers). The state of NJ ordered him into domestic violence counseling. I figured out that as long as I don’t “confront” him about his lewd sexual behaviors…….I was safe. Not to mention, he blamed them on me (you didn’t give me the sex I wanted ….so I’m entitled). Then…I caught him voyeuring my teenage neighbor- red handed. It was disgusting.

I had no idea what I was dealing with. Counselors were of no help….and the church beat me over the head with “forgiveness.”

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