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taken my life back,

25 yrs later married to this guy I am finally going to leave in the next few weeks, or file for divorce for that matter. I waited and stayed 12 yrs for two main reasons , after I finally figured out that something was wrong with him.
The first being for the kids , I had 4 little ones, and the second because deep down I did not want the marriage t end and the family to break up and I remained in denial.
The problem with waiting is that the kids grew up watching a dysfunctional marriage and watching their mother be diminished. Now my youngest who is a a 17 y/o boy , is treating me with such disregard and disrespect that it kills me every day. He has emulated his father.
It is really hard to get out of that denial phase of what he is, trust me I still go there occasionally even after all he is done. It is so hard. But keep your eyes on the facts and if he has changed overall since the first time he did something . If he hasn’t , then you you have your answer. Don’t waste anymore time wondering. Keep your eyes on the facts, ignore your other feelings , only pay attention to your gut

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