Reply To: Narcissistic Mother – the perfect training ground to marry a psychopath



It took me a long time to recognize the signs, both in my stepmother and my ex. I had never really researched narcissism, I thought all narcissists were beautiful and haughty. However, I realize now that I was raised by one and have been in relationships with several. I was raised by my emotionally unavailable father and my stepmother, who married my dad when I was seven (my mother was deceased.) I am now 51 and just discovered the whole narcissist rabbit hole two years ago, shortly before I left my ex. I am just now starting to feel whole again. I definitely believe that being raised that way makes us a perfect target and they know it. I am glad that I found places like Lovefraud that educated me on what narcissism really is. I still have work to do, but I am glad that I discovered what I did when I did.

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