Reply To: Denial of it all



Thank you! I’m doing my best to take care of myself at the moment… I have realized that I’m going to need to try to calm him down before I can leave meaning I have to make him think we can work things out… doesn’t that make me just as bad as him?

I keep thinking how this mental and verbal abuse has gotten better over the years and still in denial because when we are good its really good but when he is in a bad mood it feels like crap when he is angry at me it turns verbally and mentally abusive. IM SORRY I feel like I’m going in circles in every aspect of this situation.

I’m calling the hotline today I hope to gain some knowledge and just a voice of understanding and reason. My brain shut down last night around 9pm I was awake by 2am

I wake up scared and worried but I still blame myself for feeling this way.and start to think the relationship really isn’t that bad and I’m just being over dramatic

I can’t stand to know so many others have been throug h this and worse 😢

Again thank you so much for your help!

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