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Hi Newdawn, It’s terrifying to read your post, I cant even imagine the fear you are living because of his horrific words.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact your local abuse center ASAP for help out of this extremely emotional, mental & verbally abusive nightmare of a relationship. YOU ARE NOT ALONE HON so please reach out for more help!!

In the USA you can call the National Domestic Violence hotline 800-799-SAFE 24/7 to talk with a free counselors who can help you with an “Domestic Abuse Exit plan” and a “Domestic abuse safety plan” (google these two terms) ASAP. Also google those words with “you tube” to watch videos on this.

YOU need help out of this relationship!!

Also tell your most trusted family & friends what is going on in this relationship! They will be able to help you also & most importantly watch out for you when you do leave.

The most dangerous time for a woman in a abusive relationship is when she is either leaving or has just left. SO PLEASE be careful & contact the abuse center as they will be able to help stay safe!!

My ex made similar comments. The first one he ever told me was right after he conned me into living with him (to pay his bills) he told em that “if I ever left him he would kill me”. I was stunned. I said to him “what did you just say”, his response “I didnt say anything” (he was gas lighting me). Years later if he were watching a violent movie at home (which I hated to do/he loved them) he would tell me he could kill someone & hide them in the woods. I always felt like he had killed someone & was letting me know. Still to this day I wonder. But I also know he was telling me this to control me & place me in fear. When I escaped my marriage I too was in hyper vigilant mode. It’s very scary to feel all those emotions so intensely like you are experiencing now.

Most victims of abuse suffer from PTSD without knowing it. So I am glad you understand this fact. I believe the root issue of PTSD is adrenal fatigue (goggle). The adrenal glands regulate our blood pressure, blood sugar, cortisol & adrenaline levels (fight, flight or freeze mode) and over 50 hormones. THEY ARE A HUGE DEAL!

With the continual stress, chaos of a toxic relationship our adrenal glands become fatigue & as a result dont regulate the above list properly which in turn wreaks havoc on your body & mind.

You right now are in Hyper vigilant mode. Due to possibly the adrenal glands not functioning correctly & the serve stress you are under because of this evil man.

Some symptoms of Adrenal fatigue:

hyper vigilant
racing mind
sleep issue
mood swings
not being able to handle stress

etc etc. Its a long list

See sites like:

Dr Lam. com

Adrenal fatigue. org

for a full list of symptoms.

On another site, the site creator asked victims if they had health issues during their relationship. Over 400 people responded YES!! Most if not all their symptoms were the same as mine and they were all Adrenal fatigue symptoms.

So look into getting a health check from an Endocrinologist doctor or a listed doctor on say the site Adrenal fatigue. org. I have zero affiliation to these sites except for the fact my own doctor when I left my ex, a sociopath, gave me Dr Wilsons adrenal fatigue vitamins & a Rx of progestrone pills. Within hours of taking these my anxiety was half. Within weeks I felt more back to my old self.

I’ll right more later.

SENDING YOU HUGE HUGS HON. I am so proud of you for researching for answers which lead you to this wonderful site & for having the courage to post tonight. And for finding a counselor to help you! These are HUGE steps in leaving this abuser. Keep stepping forward & contact the abuse center ASAP!!

Take care.

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