Reply To: Scared…he threatened me if I leave friendship.



Home deport & lowes both have home security systems that you can purchase just for you door or windows (each separately) for around $15 each. They use batteries vs hard wiring and they are easily to attach to the door with a simple screw driver. It will take you about 10 mints to install.

They also have full home security systems for $200. If your parents, family or friends can buy this for you.. PLEASE ASK THEM TO!! Your life is being threaten. LISTEN TO HIS WORDS.

I believe you are correct = he is a psychopath!!

KEEP A JOURNAL OF EVERYTHING HE SAYS TO YOU! With dates, times, place, every little detail. This can be used in court.

Also when you tell your most trusted friends & family ask them to keep a journal also with every little detail you give them. They can be witness in court.

Dont isolate yourself from telling your most trusted friends & family what is going on. One of the first things a sociopath does is isolates their victims from their family & friends. Much like a lion maneuvers a target away from the Hurd = makes the target more vulnerable.


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