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I just looked on Home Depots site real quick. They have a two pack door alarm for $14.97. You could put one on your front door & one on your bedroom door. That way if the front door goes off you will wake up & call the police and the same with your bedroom door. These really do work well. The store also carries these. For your windows you can get window film (like car tinting material, that are easily to install and if someone tries to break the window the film prevents them from gaining entry.

Also you can install a wood stick (i.e. 2 x 4 cut to size) in the window track so that a window or sliding door can not be opened. Better is the window & sliding door device that you drill into the window & stick a medal device into the drilled whole so that the window or door can not be opened. This all will give you peace of mind. I know money is tight but ask your friends & family for help so that you have peace & a good night sleep.

PS I just googled Homedepot sliding door & window protection devise and there are many starting at $7. If you look on line you can read reviews on each product.

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