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Hi Takenmylifebac, Not sure what advise to give you with regards to your apartment. I would suggest you contract your local abuse center & make an appointment to talk with a counselor then ask the counselors. Im guessing that they deal with this situation everyday & would have much better direction for you.

I think the biggest issue is will he damage the apartment if you leave, or refuse to leave and put you in a bind of paying his rent for a long time. OR he takes the security deposit & keeps it.

If the abuse center does not have any advise take a friend or family member with you (as a witness) to speak with the landlord about getting out of the lease early.

With a sociopath you never know how they are going to react so you must always expect the worse!! He could even move others into the apartment. Which could be a nightmare for you trying to get our deposit back on telephone, cable, electric, gas & apartment.

I’m glad that you are thinking ahead of the game. This is what you have to to with a sociopath = be 100 steps ahead of them.

I have also learned you can NEVER be nice to a sociopath especially at the end…they will never be normal or nice they will become extremely vindictive & spiteful.

ps just want to let you know I was unfortunately married to a sociopath & we owned our home so I had to go thru divorce court which was a nightmare.

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