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I’m not paying his rent. I just want out …I called the cops tonight because he put fear into my daughter and when I called the cops they were basically on his side … I’m going to the court to file for emergency temp custody because he is getting so vindictive!

I am being forced to stay … the cops told me that the narcissist said I could go but the child would have to stay because we don’t have custody papers… so basically said I can leave but my daughter cant…I can’t leave her she was in tears thinking I was going to leave! … the cops allowed me and my daughter to leave for the night but said I have to go back tomorrow to work out a plan with the narcissist….. WHAT!? Even after I told you I don’t feel we are safe?

Then the narcissist texts me and said..
“well now that we know how that will go we can now talk about a real plan of saving this family. Like really sit down and make a plan. Because we both love each other and been through way to much to let this go. We’ve had good and bad and the bad is what is not supposed to be remembered”

He has cut me out of pictures and hung them up on the wall for my daughter to see and punched holes in the wall and he scared her tonight. I’m so done and yet I have to go back!

I have a plan so let’s pray that it works

He thinks he has me! But staying isn’t an option anymore…

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