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Takenmylifebac, I dont think the police have any jurisdiction over this situation until a judge decides in court. I dont think they can tell you where you have to live for your safety. So right now, just breath & talk with your local abuse center to get info what you can & cant do for your safety & your daughters safety.

Stay calm is the most important thing also which is extremely hard given you are in a very vital home. DO NOT FIGHT WITH HIM in the home or anywhere right now…you will will not win (you never win a fight with a sociopaths they just keep twisting your mind around) the right its best to bit your tongue (which is not easy to do). Everything you say to him he will use in court against you so keep quite. Just go about your daily living.

Your local abuse center most likely has emergency shelter for you & your daughter. So talk to them about this so that you can leave. And they can help you in court. Also it might be ok for you to leave the state since you do not have a court order for your safety but again talk with your local abuse center to learn the laws. Dont do anything until you talk to your local abuse center.

I’m so sorry that you are enduring this nightmare. You are strong hon, I know right now it’s scary and you feel “stuck” but you are not. Talk to your local abuse center. Call the National Violence hotline 800-799-safe for help & local numbers.

Hugs to you. 💜

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