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Hi takenmylifebac, he is sensing that you are leaving for good. So be very careful hon. It’s so scary to be where you are now. I had to do the same when I was finally done with our marriage = bit my tongue & be very covert about my plans.

It was difficult to do both. Sometimes I was not good with bitting my tongue just before I left. Wish I would have been educate like you. Like you, my mind was finally awaken & realized I needed out. I had no support because my ex h isolated me so much both physically from family & friends & also mentally with fear of telling everyone. I remember driving 3000 miles away and within the first hour of the trip having a feeling weight literally lift of my shoulders.

You will be free soon. Just take steps everyday. And be proud of yourself! Be patient with your self too! Protect you & your daughter every step of the way by doing this very covertly with the help of your local abuse center.

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