Reply To: Denial of it all



He is asking for answers as to why I would do this stuff to him… I’m completely perplexed on how he can continue to feel like this even though my older 2 daughter’s may not even be allowed at this house ever again .

This is just one quote from him to me about 20 mins ago
“Was it your goal to completely destroy me? Was it your goal to beat me down, weaken me, or where you showing me you were in control, usng my daughter against me? I don’t get it why would you do this to me? Why would you rip my daughter away from me if it was something I did in the past? I don’t get it…”

Then he said “answer me god damn it! Talk to me”

Now he is saying he is a broken man and I succeeded at whatever I was trying to do to him

How do I respond?

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